Go where the wind brings you...
knowing from which direction the wind is blowing is indispensable for choosing the right beach and being sure of having a really special day. To find protection from the cool “tramontana” wind and make sure the sea will be calm, one choice on the Adriatic coast is the golden sandy beach of Sant'Andrea in Porto Badisco, which is known to be Aeneas’ first port of call after his flight from Troy and Porto Miggiano, and is an amazing natural swimming pool set under high cliffs. On the Ionian coast the white beaches of Pescoluse and Baia Verde, close to Gallipoli and Porto Selvaggio, have been a nature reserve since 2004.
When the warm “scirocco” wind blows the best spots are Torre dell'Orso, San Gregorio and Lido Pizzo.
If the wind is blowing from the west there are two perfect choices: the Ciolo, a wonderful creek close to Santa Maria di Leuca, and the long white beaches with the finest of white sand at Alimini.