The project

Eos, the Greek goddess of dawn, announced the sun rising from the sea and preceding it on a golden chariot pulled by two horses; in her job of presenter the goddess took on two different names: Hemera at the first appearance of the Sun and Hespera when going down.

Nowadays Eos doesn’t announce but welcomes the travelers coming from everywhere arriving in the Salento. The Eos Hotel, a new dawn of the hotel concept.  

The idea: the hotel container offers integrated services and is attentive to the sophisticated needs of the travelling client. The lines we pursue: the bond of our hotel to the local territory, the involvement of tour operators and local companies, the spread of tourism business culture and the use of bio-friendly materials.

A step towards innovation is Viaggio nel Salento (Travel to the Salento), the design competition of hotel rooms, addressed to local young designers and of the Faculty of Design of the Polytechnic University of Milan, that traces the hotel design trend that replaces the homologation of spaces with a modern, exclusive concept, packed with the traditional hospitality of the Salento and the typical characteristics of the territory. The guidelines of our project: exceeding the hotel as simple accommodation solution for the benefit of the conception of the hotel as a place where to tell a place, as well as attention to quality of life and environment. The design competition, valuable concept source of hotel rooms full of elements traceable outside its walls, led as a tangible result to the realization of a 3-star hotel, classified according to national standards, with the aim of improving the service quality provided to customers. A space where tradition and innovation live together.
Great attention is paid to quality of life and environment: durable materials, suitable to the climatic characteristics of the territory.

The panel of judges of Viaggio nel Salento, made up of Andrea Montinari, Milanese architect Luca Scacchetti, Prof. Giuliano Simonelli, Prof. Francesco Scullica, Prof Luisa Collina, Prof. Francesco Zurlo of the Poli.Design, judged the submitted projects considering their originality, innovation, technical feasibility, cheapness, closeness to the Salento territory.

The hotel facade is clad in stone from Lecce, material which has always been used for decorative elements of churches and palaces that make the city known as Capital City of the Baroque, here used to give it a more modern look.



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