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Holidays in Salento

Salento, in the heart of Southern Italy, is characterized by limpid water and an uncontaminated coast. To leave for itineraries in this splendid land we advise you to stay in a hotel in Lecce, ideal place to departure discovering Puglia.

Lecce: a city where you can admire splendid baroque buildings like The Cathedral, The Seminary and the Vescovile Palace, in one of the most beautiful ‘piazzas’ in Italy. Choose one of the hotels of the Vestas Hotels & Resorts between Risorgimento Resort, Hotel President, Eos Hotel respectively a 5, 4 and 3 stars accommodation.

Cultural holidays in Salento allow you to find interesting stopovers in the cities and the less well-known towns, even discovering, whist exploring the surrounding areas unexpected landscapes. The local crafts characterized by the use of papier-mâché, terracotta and ceramic but also wrought iron, glass and of antique and complex art of embroidery on fabrics are some of the attractions most loved even by international tourists.

Even food and wine is an integral part of a cultural Salento holiday, with a culinary tradition rich in typical dishes, a large part of which are based upon fish and vegetables, to savour and appreciate at the various festivals held in the regions towns both large and small. In addition shows and cultural events are organised in the various towns, especially during summer. Amongst these there stands out the by now celebrated “Night of the Tarantula” the largest European festival dedicated to traditional music that is held every year in Salento.