Vestas’ philosophy

Andrea Montinari
CEO of Vestas Hotels & Resorts   

“Each detail within our Vestas Hotels & Resorts tells the local history: a plot of lights, shapes, colors, flavors, culture and lifestyle of the Salento and Apulia expresses itself in esthetics and highest-level quality. Our guests enter a world of suggestions that represents already in itself the beginning of their discovery journey.”

Our management company
Starting from its consolidated management experience of the Hotel President in Lecce since 1973, in 2002 the Montinari family acquires the Hotel Risorgimento, historical hotel of the city and arrives in the hotel industry in 2007 with the Vestas Hotels & Resorts brand. Through the establishment of the Vestas Hotels & Resorts hotel management company the Montinari family develops the field of hotel facilities management with the aim of reaching such a number of beds to allow to become the reference group in the hotel field in Apulia. In 2008 it launches the Eos Hotel.
Vestas Hotels & Resorts is inspired by the values of Vesta, goddess of hearth and home, venerated in every home in Roman times and even earlier in Greece with the name of Hestia: the priestesses related to her order, the one of the famous Vestals, kept the fire burning inside the temple dedicated to her, so that it never dies out. Vestas Hotels & Resorts is inspired by the family values to reinvent the art of hotel hospitality.

Vestas Hotels & Resorts works to contribute to the growth of the local system and continuous cultural exchange: indeed it works together with local and national excellent manufacturers and opens the doors of its facilities to the city on occasion of cultural, food & wine and business events and projects.
Our team
The main resource of Vestas Hotels & Resorts is its team: under the guidance of General Manager Giuseppe Mariano, experienced professionals, junior and senior, share our brand’s philosophy.