Lecce: splendour of the Baroque Age

An artistic town: Lecce


A magical dimension welcomes travellers in Lecce. Baroque buildings surround their glances and the honey type of stone support their paces thorough history and culture. A particular kind of limestone surprise guests with its warm nuances and smooth consistency. Lecce is made with such a stone: its churches and its civilian buildings show their discreet elegance off without any bombastic excess. The so called “Florence of the South” is the perfect spot to start your trip through cultural beauties and artistic itineraries.


The Salentino language


The Salentino dialect is the heritage of an ancient past that is still visible and audible all over the town. It’s a mixture of different cultures and it mirrors the variety of people that run through Apulia from time immemorial. That’s why Baroque in Lecce is so different. It’s a feast for the eyes and the artistic splendour mixed with a blaze of mythological animals and fantastical figures give to the town the shape of a sparkling jewel.


Between sky and stone


Stone and sky join together in a way that astonish travellers for the perfection of the artistic union created by men and nature. The elegance of the town widens trough its churches ( Church of the Holy Cross, Celestine Convent ) and other artistic sights ( Triumphal Arch ) that overcome eyes for its enchanting beauty. Rather than a simple artistic spot or cultural place, Lecce is a Soul Town.