Holidays in Salento, Italy

A jewel by the sea


A natural and historical jewel that dangles from the Italian peninsula, set in the Mediterranean sea like a precious stone. You can move through the ruins of thousand-year-old cultures, as well as natural beauties of an astonishing landscape. The great variety of its deals will blow your mind. Sheer cliffs jump from the sea like ancient giants. Blue lagoons surrounded by rocks are the right spot for your sea holiday in Salento. Sand beaches lie along the coast offering the perfect dawn and the best romantic sunset for your journey. Distances are short in Salento. In an hour you can go by car from western coast to the eastern one.


Trust your feelings by crossing ancient stone villages and wide fields of century-old olive trees. For the best deals, you have to try Salento hospitality. A long tradition of different people and cultures is the right mix that makes great its Hotels and Resorts. Holidays become a human experience with friendly people, through artistic itineraries in a bucolic landscape. The Montinari family is a classical example of such a tradition. Their guests share hospitality in a familiar contest, without giving up elegance and charm.


The best point to start your holidays is certainly Lecce, where Vestas' Hotels and Resorts are located, choose one of their accommodation to live a unique experience!