Lecce, Salento and Tarantula

Taranta in Lecce


Melting melodies come from past times during the Night of the Taranta. Love and passion move through squares and corners in Lecce. Frenzied dances fill the nights in an exciting festival that involves the whole Salento. Warm summer nights and ancient stone villages become the perfect scenario for an unforgettable stay. You will be caught by a compelling desire to dance and to move. The Notte della Taranta is a spectacular experience of an entire region that expresses itself through the voice of its deep soul.


The Night of the Taranta


The Taranta of Lecce is a ritual dance that dates back to a cloudy past made with magic and weird beliefs, it was born as a female way to get rid of the dogma of a patriarchal society. As time went by, it has become a couple dance that involve both women and men. During your stay in Lecce you will make experience of Taranta, of course. People will involve you thanks to a great smile and an inborn elegance. The best way to enjoy The Night of the Taranta, is by roaming the streets and squares of Lecce. Taste the notes that spread all over the town and you won’t do without moving your body. The Notte della Taranta will be nourishment for your soul made with people who sing it in a magical a atmosphere.