A Weekend in Salento

Enjoy the time


A long boring week. It’s Friday, finally. Stop what you are doing. Call your wife, your friend, anyone you know; take any mean you need and come in Salento. Your weekend will become an immersive experience through natural lagoons, bucolic countrysides and intriguing places. A natural and historical jewel that will surprise you, will catch you and finally will love you.


An island which is not an island


It is surrounded by sea and attached to land. From dawn till dusk enjoy the sea and lie on the ground among centuries-old trees. In Salento your romantic weekend moves through your inner coordinates in a magical dimension.


A lovely map


Latitude and longitude are emotional places where your feelings attach to the sheer cliffs of Salento peninsula. You can foster your passion from one coast to the other one. Two seas to catch the perfect sunrise and best charming sunset. That’s one of the reasons for choosing Salento for a romantic weekend.


Feeling above all


Salento is a small “island” which speaks to hearts rather than brains. Two days can be a short time in any other place but not here. It’s enough to lose yourselves in a romantic dimension made with a welcome that goes straight to feelings, without passing through rationality.